Roel ter Heide (CEO/Founder) “We are moving into the next phase”

Whisperpower Office

"We have little time to look back and we have already taken a big step into the new year. It gives me a very satisfying feeling that, after a period of hard work and smart investments, WhisperPower is entering the next phase. It has taken us ten years to get to this point, which is similar to the start-up period I experienced at Mastervolt, WhisperPower's predecessor. It takes time to develop a solid product portfolio and build a worldwide distribution network, which is necessary to provide qualified international technical service and support."

Lithium Power Plus

“The WhisperPower brand ‘stands’ and has passed the stress test, as I have called it, of the COVID years with flying colours. We have had our challenges of course, especially in developing the system solutions. We have learned a lot from that so that we now supply perfect battery storage systems based on Lithium technology with appropriate (fast) charging devices, high-power inverters and super-quiet low emission backup generators. The further development of our WhisperCare remote monitoring and diagnostic system, which we supply as standard with all systems, is one of the pillars for further growth.”



Large number of prestigious projects

Despite COVID, 2021 has been a very successful year with a growth of more than 40%, an increase equally divided between the maritime and the mobile/off-grid markets. Roel ter Heide, CEO and founder of WhisperPower, explains the background of the growth in more detail.

“Our recreational business was growing fast. The sale of yachts and motor homes has driven the demand for independent power system solutions, our offer of compact diesel generators and new OctoPower systems battery/inverter systems, as well as our system components with inverters, battery chargers and (Lithium) batteries is highly appreciated by our customers.
Our business increase has also driven our headcount to a level of over 65 full-time employees which includes staff in the Benelux, UK, Germany, southern and eastern Europe and Australia/New Zealand.”

While WhisperPower has enjoyed a big boost in sales across its entire portfolio, much of its success is down to its self-contained OctoPower off-grid energy system in combination with generator sales. WhisperPower produces hybrid-based power systems using its own Genverter diesel generator as a back-up and WhisperPower inverters as the primary power source. Marketed under the OctoPower brand, they range from 3kW-14kW inverter power (and even higher for the superyacht market) and are aimed at those who want silent and emissions-free boating.

“The termination of our relationship with Webasto (international) has pushed us to find new partners, which we did,” ter Heide explains.

  • “We have new partners in Scandinavia (KGK Knutsson Group), France (we appointed SEIMI from Brest, an Alliance Marine company, as our exclusive partner) and activated our Spanish office with staff to support our southern European business.
  • Also important is the move we made in the UK which is threefold: we opened our WhisperPower UK Ltd. service/support office in Sheffield in October 2020, appointed AllBoats Service and their sister company Marine Energy Systems, both located in Plymouth, as our marine systems distributor at OEM level and appointed EP Barrus, one of the leading distribution companies in the UK, as our exclusive distribution partner, except for the mobile medical market. With Lynton Trailers we are handling the sales in the mobile medical segment, we were able to continue the successful delivery of our hybrid power systems to serve NHS mobile trailers. By 2022, more than 45 NHS trailers will be equipped with WhisperPower’s OctoPower low emission systems of 7 kVA and 14 kVA.
  • For the all-important US market, we have established WhisperPower North America Inc. to further strengthen the dealer network in the USA and Canada.”

“I am keen to stress that more and more OEM marine customers are moving to WhisperPower, citing well-known names such as Nautor’s Swan, Axopar/Brabus, XO, Marex, Solaris, and more recently Princess Yachts.

For a new model of Princess Yachts, the X80, a hybrid power system has been developed to operate the air conditioning systems from the 25 kW inverter system and the 150 kWh Lithium battery. The Sleipner stabilisation system is powered by the same system ‘at anchor’, without the need to run the generators.”

“Commercial shipping also knows where to find WhisperPower. Workboats, the dredging industry, inland vessels, fishing, for all these segments we provide suitable solutions.”